Ergobaby™ Original Baby Carrier In Starry Sky

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Keep your little one close during your next adventure with the Ergobaby Original Carrier. With the ability to be worn in 3 different positions, this carrier features an adjustable belt and padded shoulder straps for all day carrying comfort.

Ergobaby stands by our products so you can carry your precious cargo with confidence. If you find a manufacturing or material defect, Ergobaby will replace your carrier or part at no charge.

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10 reviews for Ergobaby™ Original Baby Carrier In Starry Sky

  1. Kays,

    More Amazing Than I Expected! – I bought this a month or two ago and I couldn’t be happier! I bought one of those “wraps” to carry my baby before she was born. To our surprise she weighed 10.

  2. Lara,

    BEST CARRIER OUT THERE! – After using a hand me down Ergo with my first two children, I was thrilled to get a new Ergo for my third son. First, I must point out that after being used by three families and 10 children,.

  3. Rozi,

    Classically Beautiful – I was a little disappointed in the choices for patterns avail. I am all about patterns.

  4. Joyce,

    Great features!! – I bought it about 2 months ago and I love it! I absolutely love that it has the zippered pouch for storage. Besides the the cool design I love the comfort of this carrier which very important.

  5. LaddxChild23,

    Males life simpler! – I bought this a couple months ago and it has made baby wearing so much easier. I just had a sling before which killed my shoulder, back, and hips.

  6. Themakingofme,

    BUY IT NOW! – I just had my son (third child) and just discovered baby wearing. Ergos came highly recommended so I ordered immediately.

  7. Ascherette01,

    Extremely comfy! – I bought this not too long ago and I love it. My ds loves being in it. He wasnt a fan of wraps but is of this! Its super comfy to wear all day if ness.

  8. Meyanna,

    Love it! – I use my Ergo almost everyday! It’s comfortable and my son falls asleep in it almost every time!.

  9. Ellie,

    Amazing color !! – As a first time mom I have to be honest I was and can be so clueless as what I purchase for baby, but honestly getting an ergobaby carrier has been the best investment ever! I had done so much.

  10. Lainiebug,

    So comfortable & easy to use – It makes baby wearing a breeze! Effortless to put on and it’s extremely comfortable. My baby boy loves to just relax in it while I clean or when we go for walks. I couldn’t be happier.

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