Inspirational Nest Organic Baby Crib Set – Vineyard Vines

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12 reviews for Inspirational Nest Organic Baby Crib Set – Vineyard Vines

  1. Baby Girl Mom,

    Great sleep solution – This Snuggle Nest XL worked great for our little girl. It was very convenient to keep her close to us in bed throughout the night because I can nurse her without getting out of bed.

  2. Amitchell0987,

    So adoravle – I loved this product the print was absolutely adorable. At first I wasnt sure how it would fit into my life I read the box and found out that it fit perfectly into my life.

  3. Muhryzzle,

    Perfect for our needs – My fiance is big on co sleeping, I am not. This product offered us a win-win. I can sleep easily knowing our baby is in his own place and my fiance can easily access the baby.

  4. Vicki,

    Must have for moms! – The snuggle nest is a dream come true! I don’t know if it’s the sounds or the lights that come from it but my baby girl just falls fast asleep in it! I can bring it outside or with me wherever.

  5. OrgMama,

    Soft but not thick – I assumed a mattress pad would have a bit of padding to it. But this is more a mattress cover then a pad.

  6. nowanico2403,

    Great for traveling! – I received a free Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround XL Infant Sleeper in exchange for my honest review. This was exactly what I was looking for as a convenient and safe method of traveling.

  7. ValVal,

    Queen mattress is possible – We were gifted this from our registry. We use it in oir bed for co-sleeping. For us, it does work in queen with two adults.

  8. Becky A,

    Cute product – Was very easy to put together. It’s made well. Felt sturdy. I was still too nervous to sleep with the baby next to me.

  9. Mom2lv,

    Super soft – I will be buying another one! Use for daughters worth every cent!.

  10. Yugo,

    We can sleep at night!!! – I’m a first-time mom and thought that I had everything figured out for my baby coming home. We have a spacious Pack N Play by our bed and a separate rocking bassinet.

  11. L Mason,

    So handy! – We received this as a sample from viewpoints in exchange for an honest review. We used this to travel and it was so handy to have! My daughter slept so well in it while out of town.

  12. Nina,

    Yes – I like it very much.

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