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Research shows that early brain development is key to all future learning and behavior, but with so many educational toys out there, figuring out where to start can feel intimidating. These beautiful wood toy sets are a wonderful option.

Each includes a set of toys keyed to your child’s specific stage of growth and developmental needs based on tested Montessori education methods. A differentiator here is Monti’s parent video component: short videos for each toy show how to introduce them to your child. Designed to build your child’s curiosity, creativity and problem-solving skills, the sets offer an easy way to create an ideal environment for educational play at home, before your child starts preschool.

Toys in Monti’s Level 1 set can be used from birth to build and grow your baby’s attention span, optimizing cognitive and motor development without being overstimulating. The parent videos cover language, motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills and teach caregivers how to set up a Montessori play area.

In terms of construction and appeal, Monti sets are built to last. While the toys are geared to three-month age brackets, they will engage your child for months or years longer. The company even has an online guide about how to organize your space and toys to optimize playtime once you’ve acquired multiple sets.

The Montessori-based program and the high quality, natural, nontoxic materials set these toys apart from others by a wide margin, but so does the price tag. But if the sets are within your means, Monti toys could be a great educational investment.

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10 reviews for Level 1 Montessori Educational Toy Kit – Monti Kids

  1. powellr610,

    Osmo Genius Starter Kit – I do not know who loved this product more me or my 7-year-old son! I loved that my son was learning while he was playing on the iPad for a change, and my son just can not get enough of all.

  2. Natalindria,

    Awesome gift for kids – My 8 year old son loves Osmo. It’s a great learning tool. It comes with 5 games apps: Masterpiece, Numbers, Words, Tangram and Newton.

  3. MrsA,

    My daughters both love Osmo Genius. – I have an eight-year-old and a four-year-old daughter that love to learn. Osmo genius has kept them busy while at they learn and have fun.

  4. RamzWarren,

    Hit and miss – My wife is a 1st grade teacher and I thought this would be a great educational tool to bring into her classroom. She was very excited at the idea of it.

  5. Pinkrose12,

    Best learning game ever – I got this a couple of weeks ago for my first grader. The day we got it he played with it for 3 hours and has played it everyday since then.

  6. Mom4life,

    Great Learning tool! – I bought this for my daughters who are absolutely in love with it. I love how it’s a mix between tactile learning and technological learning. It’s great how it bridges that gap.

  7. Mnmommytester,

    Fun Learning Games! – My son and daughter (5 &8) love the Osmo Genius Set! There are a lot of fun games to play within each app. They do not realize they are learning as they are playing! The set comes with a base.

  8. Ashely,

    Awesome – My son loves this game it’s great for interaction and learning one of the best educational learning apps made for younger children it also comes with several interactive tools for use with.

  9. Jered,

    The best learning games I’ve ever seen – I’ve never had my son latch on to a learning game as quickly as I have with osmo. He absolutely loves the numbers game. It is fun and even has little fishy rewards to it.

  10. TN2019,

    Truly a “Genius” learning and interactive game – We have seen the Osmo TV commercials and our kids always said they wanted an Osmo game! We were so happy to get one and try it out! The set-up is a breeze, download the app and you’re set.

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