1, 2, 3 Go !~ Soft Gel Full Coverage Pre Made Gel Nails

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1, 2, 3 go are specially formulated out of soft gel (candy jelly formula) to provide you with a easy fast application and lightweight full set of nails. Use our base coat gel or candy jelly, souffle or clear happy gel to make sure you get 4+ weeks of strong wear on the natural nail and make removal simple and easy!

* for the most fast, easy and long lasting application use Enailcoutue.com base gel, it has the perfect consistency and strength you need for a lasting application!~

Since all products are semi hard gels, this allows for them to be soaked off within 15-20 minutes. For short term use, 1,2,3 go tips can be applied with our glue for a temporary set of full cover nails.

Apply gel of your choice to the etched inside of the nail, rock it on ensuring there are no air bubbles or gel running out to the side wall or free edge.

Almond and coffin come in 11 sizes and 25 tips per size (275 nails total) ! No refill sizes are available to purchase only sets. Tip box not included, purchase separate.

new XXL lengths are now available, the famous 123 go full cover soft gel nails now come in longer lengths and wider sizes. XXL coffin is a beautiful long tapered coffin shaped nail with beautiful c curves. XXL pipe is a lovely long oval shaped nail that is easy to customize and looks elegant and classy. XXL stiletto is the perfect stiletto shape and length you can keep it soft like a almost or make it sharp and extreme stiletto!

1 flashy lamp ( ***Effective 12/31/19 4:18pm MST, if you order a 123 Go Kit and we are out of stock of Flashy Lamps it will be replaced with a BB Mini Lamp**)

  • The Hottest trending full cover nails in two shapes is now available !
  • Available in various shapes.
  • 3 XXL lengths
  • Made in the USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona!
  • Use drop down menu to choose item
  • Application is fast, simple, and easy!
  • Prep the natural nail like you would for any full set
  • Apply one coat of prep and one of primer.
  • Etch the inside of the 1,2,3 go nail tip with the diamond mani or diamond moon bit.
  • Apply one coat of base gel to the nail and cure.
  • Use the bb lamp or Flashy to freeze the nail in place for 10 seconds at least before going on to the next nail.
  • Once a full hand is applied you can fully cure for 60-90 seconds.
  • * click the link to view Instagram tv video tutorial & youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZRNiywC_Cc
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/B3F3aIDFmDW/
  • Now you're done all you have to do is customize them and have fun ! You can cut them down to the size you like and shape you need, your in control!
  • Batteries are not included in the flashy lamp, requires AAA size battery
  • Oval tips only sizes 0-9! You will receive double 5&6 for this size due to mold patent pending customization)
  • We now have 123 go kits due to popular demand !~ each KIT includes the following:
  • 1 set of coffin or almond 123 go full cover soft gel nails w/ tip box
  • 1 of each prep, primer, oil
  • 1 set of files
  • 1 logo apron
  • 1 souffle gel clear 15ml (*** If out of stock of souffle gel clear 15ml, will be replaced with candy jelly clear 15 ml ***)
  • 1 candy box case
  • 1 gel brush pink magic 6
  • 1 logo manicure dust brush
  • Please keep in mind that these extra products ONLY come with the kit.

14 reviews for 1, 2, 3 Go !~ Soft Gel Full Coverage Pre Made Gel Nails

  1. Anonymous

    I love this product! I have clear skin, but it does not glow. This product makes my skin look luminous. It is a part of my daily routine.

  2. Sheryl,

    DIY Full Manicure Kiss nail kit – No More Salon prices DIY your own manicures, Save time and money! Pick your own style, size and length.

  3. AtlasHugged,

    So versatile and works so well – You won’t regret using this polish. Its a base coat and a top coat. It has a lovely irridescence in the sunlight.

  4. Lora,

    The best top coat – This really extends the life of my nail polish. My nails peel so I can’t grow them. Using this as a top coat allows them to grow out.

  5. Pghmom,

    Love them!! – Absolutely beautiful nails! So easy to put on and to shape, holds polish nicely. I’ve received so many compliments and comments about how natural they look.

  6. kimireeree,

    Miracle in a bottle!!!! – This is the best base coat ever! I love it so much that I never have less than 3 back up bottles stocked. I have been using it for over 6 months and it is the secret to my success.

  7. Heather

    Really love how light weight the foundation is. Great Summer Foundation. Alittle oily but a nice finish and buildable.

  8. Ruthie,

    Best ever – Have bought these nails for years love them.

  9. Sparkle,

    Thank You Wal-Mart – Best Brand Of Nails I recommend that you buy this brand.

  10. Reem

    I love this product i use touche éclat foundation in shade b45 I bought both tinted moisturizer in shade b40 and b50 in order to mix them But now I use them separately but I prefer b40 which.

  11. Nikki

    This is thicker than my old tinted moisturizer, but it smells great and has a nice finish. A little bit goes a very long way when you just want to even out your skin tone.

  12. Rhonda,

    Awesome!!! – This is the only product I have found that strengthens my nails. I work in water on a daily basis and this polish keeps my nails strong and I am able to keep them longer.

  13. ztskm,

    Excellent – Really loved it you can shape them how you want and a lot cheaper than salon acrylics.

  14. MamaKind,

    Love this stuff! – My nails are (were!) dry and want to peel and split. I have used this for 3 weeks, applying one coat each week. I remove the polish on the weekend, let my nails ‘breathe’ a day and then reapply.

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