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77 reviews for Eyeliner – Eyeliner – Bobbi Brown

  1. sheri63

    Stays all day – I have oily skin and am in my 60’s. I have always had a major problem when it comes to finding makeup products that will not disappear by the end of the day.

  2. Ali G.

    Easy to apply – lasts into evening – Easy to apply and long lasting. Lasts all day and into the evening even on my oily eyelids. I have tried similar products from other brands and this is the best by far.

  3. Emma D

    Best Tip – I love this eyeliner. The fabric tip stays super crisp and precise. Liner won’t smear or smudge.

  4. Kristin D

    The Best! – I was intimidated by liquid eyeliners, but tried this once and will never go back. It’s smooth and easy to apply, highly pigmented, and really long lasting.

  5. vanessa j

    Esta muy bien – Me cuesta un poco rellenar la línea del ojo pero tiene un buen pigmento negro y me aguanta todo el día en su sitio.

  6. Katie F

    Fav – Easy to apply, doesn’t smear or smudge.

  7. Echoneac

    Love every thing about. Packaging cool, product awesome as always.

  8. MissMcG

    The best – This is my absolute favorite liner, it’s completely replaced the Kay von d tattoo liner for me.

  9. Jackie T

    Love my cat eye. – The tip is very thin to make those fine lines on the eye. Love the way it holds.

  10. Zombie

    Awesome – Bought it a couple weeks ago, and I am in love. It has not smudged at all, even when used on my lower lid.

  11. Oliversmom

    very nice eyeliner, just wish it lasted a litte longer – this is my go to for a night out (a few hours) but if i need something that will stay put all day, ill use something else. Easy to apply and is super clean.

  12. afhjhslf

    No Budge Retractable Eyeliner in White – Very creamy formula, goes on smooth, all-around awesome product! I use it on my waterline and it doesn’t wear off too quickly.

  13. Redrose

    The liner goes on easily, easy to control . I’m used to a heavier weight though when applyIng liner it’s almost as if you have nothing in your hand . But the formula is easy to work with.

  14. Val12345

    NOT good – I have mixed feelings for this eyeliner. It dried up in less than two weeks for me, but for my sister it worked well for more than two months.

  15. Moes mom

    I love this eyeliner. Goes on great and stays on until you take it off and there is no smudging.

  16. S Baez

    This eyeliner is the best I evervused. Glides on smooth and stays all day, but it will come off readily when you wash your face. I absolutely love the the color silk taupe it looks very natural.

  17. AEMowdy

    Not good for the waterline – I bought this a few days ago, and I hate that it was so disappointing. I love e.l.f.

  18. SwiftCat

    smears way too much – i like it for when i don’t want to do a full on cat eye, but still want an eyeliner. unfortunately after 2-3 hours, it’ll start to smear like crazy.

  19. lwharris

    I’d give it 5 stars if it were waterproof – Otherwise, I love it. It applies easily & goes on dark. I wish it came in blue, green, & violet.

  20. Meredith C

    Favorite eyeliner – This is by far my favorite eyeliner. I’ve been using it for probably five, six years and no other eyeliner beats it in my opinion.

  21. Selket,

    Best eyeliner ever! – Lasts longer than other eyeliners I’ve tried.

  22. jfraebel

    Absolutely love! – I am a HUGE liquid eyeliner person and I have been searching for a high quality product for a while now. I love this eyeliner cause you can easily get a nice thin line or do wings.

  23. Erika

    Highly pigmented, long lasting and easy to apply!.

  24. Katrina

    Giving it a good chance – I’ve not had a pen type liquid eyeliner before, and it does go on really easily. However the tip does seem to dry out quite quickly when applying so I find I have to use the side.

  25. Iris S

    Long-lasting! – Love how it’s very easy to apply! Stays on throughout the day!.

  26. Cristy B

    Makes a great wing! – The precision of the tip makes it easy to create a great wing which has been challenging with other brands. It’s super black which I love.

  27. ame0006,

    Stays on all day! – I have used this eyeliner for many years. It goes on smoother than regular pencils and literally lasts all day and night until I take it off with makeup remover. It’s the only kind I will buy.

  28. Liv C

    Pretty good – Pretty good, not the best I’ve tried tho. I was expecting a lot because I love the lights, camera, lashes mascara.

  29. Nona_147

    the best eye linear ever – i like it so much so easy to apply and highly pigmented.

  30. kpatel

    It is hard to apply it on my water line, like the videos it does glide on my hand but not on my water line.

  31. Mother of black dogs

    I bought 2 of these, and I cannot get them to draw, I have tried and they just do not deposit. Perhaps it is my eyelids, but I put the eyeshadow on first of course, and then, try the eyeliner.

  32. syeda

    Good purchase – Easy to apply, Long wearing, Highly pigmented, precise. Sleek design.

  33. Kareng6388

    This eyeliner is super pigmented and it stays on all day, I love it so much I want one in every color. Color Metalic cranberry.

  34. Brea E

    Good not great – Decent wear but I prefer a shorter and/or sharper tip/line.

  35. sknowlesy

    Good while it lasted – Dried out after 1 month of using it sadly. Not sure I want to shell out the ££ for Tarte products again if they don’t last.

  36. Lynn E

    Would buy again! – Love this eyeliner because it is easy to apply, stays on and isn’t impossible to take off at night either. You can put it on super thin or thicker.

  37. zzLynn

    I so wanted to love it, as I have other Marc Jacobs productsbut with my aging eyes and creases I found it ran into creases and flaked off sooner than it should have!! It is not a once.

  38. Suspect

    I love her products so much!!! Would buy every single product if i cpuld and i will eventually!! ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  39. Rachel M

    Went in smoothly. Was able to apply in the car.

  40. Roya hussaini

    I always get my eyeliner from tarte it is the only eyeliner that long lasting others get dry in a week.

  41. Shell

    Pretty Awesome Eyeliner – This is an awesome eyeliner! It glides on beautifully and it’s long-lasting. The tip is fine so it allows you build up your flick perfectly.

  42. Sam T

    I really like this eyeliner. It’s easy to apply and stays put.

  43. Denise,

    Love this eyeliner! . – Just love this liner n u will too! Lasts till you take it off. I bought Black/Brown and it’s very pigmented. You can go with a light line or dark line. Easy to put on and won’t smudge.


    Good product – Beautiful deep black colour. Easy to apply. It is also easy to remove with makeup remover and does not stain. It was sent to UK so the delivery took more or less 3 weeks.

  45. Grace R

    Best Liquid Eyeliner on the market! – I have tried many of the popular liquid eyeliners on the market, even within Tarte. This one continues to win against the so fine, sex kitten & man eater liners in ease of use as well as no.

  46. Diane G

    Great! – Haven’t been able to apply liquid eyeliner for awhile and I always loved how it went on. Thought I would give this one a try.I am so happy I did. It goes on smoothly and easily.

  47. LaElJe

    Words cannot explain how blown away I am. – OH MY GOD I haven’t even worn this yet and I’m already confident that I can review it. After I got the package in the mail, I was ready to brag about it to anyone who would listen.

  48. Karebear

    Bring it back!!! – Bring it back in store! I haven’t been using it for like 5 months now I miss it. It is the best eyeliner doesn’t compare to anyone else eye liner!!.

  49. Michelle K

    Easy to apply and long lasting.

  50. Jennica K

    great product but Not very precise – The formula and quality of the eyeliner are actually really good. they stay on a long time and have crazy pigmentation.

  51. Misty R

    Semi-Easy Application. Liner doesn’t always apply on first attempt. Lid doesn’t properly secure. – Semi-easy to apply. With the felt tip this provided application is not always a breeze.

  52. Rachel T

    Great but doesn’t last – Good color and easy application but mine dried out and emptied super fast. I wish it lasted longer for the price.

  53. Jhenirose S

    Absolute Fave – I am a very basic makeup person where I only use eyeliner, mascara, and powder for my routine. For someone who can barely accomplish a winged liner, this is easy for me to use.

  54. Kashish Z

    I absolutely love this liner smudge proof – I absolutely love this liner. It quick and fast and persist. It works very well over the eyeshadow without messing it up.i had to buy ore in sale as I will be using them every day.

  55. RuthM

    I am a novice with makeup and eyeliner has always been difficult, however this gel eyeliner is amazing. Goes on smoothly and the colors are stunning even for my 60 years young face Color Star,gold,.

  56. Umnia K

    Not good – I really wanted to like this eyeliner. I generally love all things Tarte but don’t have great things to say about this one.

  57. Tarte_lover

    I found the felt tip to be a bit difficult to use. Maybe for others who like a thicker line it would be good but it doesn’t really work for me.

  58. SaraK44

    Love the idea, failed to deliver on quality – I just bought this item a few hours ago and used it once and it was broken in 3 places. I bought it at target and really liked the cruelty free and vegan and I like e.l.f.

  59. Alanna D

    Don’t love it – I could have gotten a faulty product but it’s kind of dry. Color is not dark and has difficulty going over any type of shadow.

  60. Christy M

    No reapplications – I work long hours throughout the day, and I do not have time to reapply eyeliner. I first tried this eyeliner before my 10 hour shift at the vet’s office and when I came home there were no.

  61. Denise,

    Nice application! – If you’re lookin for a dark brown it’s great! I have almost black eyesshould’ve bought black.

  62. Anonymous

    This was sucha cute little eye set! I really love the mascara and now I want the full size!.

  63. Jules

    Favorite liquid liner! – My favorite. I am terrible at using liquid liner but this is the easiest one I’ve ever used. It actually looks like I know what I’m doing. Highly pigmented.

  64. kczerns7

    Great product, Poor packaging – I’ve bought this product twice now because I love the eyeliner itself, but the cap on this product is not secure. In both cases of buying this product the cap was knocked off during travel.

  65. Marleione

    Perfect! – It’s perfect, it’s easy to apply, longlasting, pigmented and very comfortable. I would purchase it again.

  66. BeeTreeMom,

    Best eyeliner out there – My local store stopped carrying this eyeliner, so I’ve tried several different ones recently. They all smudged easily and didn’t last long.

  67. Aunty Lenie

    The texture, color, and ease of applying this eyeliner is the best I’ve ever used. Color Gold ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  68. EllenW123

    I bought two of these liners in the metalic gray and bronze color. The gray will be a regular in my makeup kit. I just love the color, how smoothly it applies.just everything about this.

  69. Maud E

    It was dry within a week or so – In the beginnen in liked this product, but after a week it was dry already. The application wasent going smooth, so i stopt using it.

  70. Gabby

    Yay liquid liner – Easy to use felt tip pen eyeliner. Tip dries out more quickly when using over eye shadow but not a deal breaker for me.

  71. SarahAshley

    Best Eyeliner – Easier to apply than more expensive brands and just as effective AND its cruelty free. Best eyeliner I’ve used.

  72. Andie

    I had to ask the clerks at Sephora if these were in as they didn’t have it in the display. I bought the blacquer and blitz colour. Loved how it went on.

  73. Typozalot

    Best eyeliner ever! – I brought this when I went on holiday to the US not eh recommendation of a friend, and now get it on line. It is so easy to use, light and no tug at all.

  74. Amber

    Amazing! – I’ve tried a lot of eyeliner and have never found one that made the process easy. Too thick, too thin, not pigmented enough.

  75. Lin R

    Definitely recommend – very precise applicator. Downside: doesn’t start drawing right away each time.

  76. PhillisB

    Goes on smoothly and lasts all day! I love the way that it goes on so easily and evenly! Incentivized Review Yes # Pros Brightens Eyes ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  77. Nicole

    Love it! – This is my go-to eyeliner for any occasion. The precise tip creates clean lines and sharp wings. It is easy to apply, and looks great on.

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