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Our classic liquid eyeliner is available in 9 iconic shades. This 12 hour, long-lasting liquid eye liner gives you ultra-fine precision for any look you need!.

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179 reviews for Liquid Eyeliner

  1. ROYA R.

    literally the only one i can use – I used to buy mine at whole foods, but i moved to a new state and my new whole foods locations didn’t stock it. I tried THREE other brands of eyeliner that had high-integrity ingredients and.

  2. Karli28,

    This eyeliner is a total must have – So I’m getting used to it but it’s awesome so far you can make awesome details.

  3. Catherine

    Love it – To begin with, I am a big fan of Lancome. This artliner liquid eyeliner is fabulous. Easy to applyno pulling on your eyelids. Stays on and looks beautiful. Just wish there was more in the tube.

  4. Dee B

    Beautiful! – I love this formula and the staying power! The brush leaves a little to be desired—but I’m accustomed to using an very fine angled brush, so I’m getting used to this! You can get a really.

  5. Carrie M

    A favorite – One of my favorite eyeliners on Tarte.

  6. Jaymie C

    Amazing – Doesn’t smudge!.

  7. Guyy3

    Ran a little, but overall really nice and stayed on for sooooo long.

  8. buttonshoe

    Wanted to like this – As a person who enjoys liquid eyeliner, I had high hopes for this one. I’m actually okay with the formula and didn’t have too much of an issue with smudging, but the applicator is so horrible.

  9. Typozalot

    Best eyeliner ever! – I brought this when I went on holiday to the US not eh recommendation of a friend, and now get it on line. It is so easy to use, light and no tug at all.

  10. Miss Peaches

    This liquid eyeliner glides on smooth and has a rich bold black color. One stroke is all you need.

  11. Classy1

    Love It!!! – I have been using the liner for almost a month- and I love it! I usually use eye liner to tight-line my eyes since I prefer a more subtle look. I must admit that I do not use the enclosed applicato.

  12. Amanda C

    Amazing liner – It goes on so easily, dries quickly, and doesn’t budge all day!! I got a massage in which oils were rubbed between my eyes and then I laid face down, and the eyeliner was still perfect when.

  13. Cookie

    Smooth – I bought this mascara and when you put it on it feels so smooth on your eyes. Great vegan makeup mascara.

  14. Gina

    Major Flake Off . New Formula Maybe – I have used this before, 01 shade. I just repurchased and immediately noticed this didn’t apply the same as my last one. Within a few hours, I could see clumps forming along my eyelashes.

  15. Emilynne

    Not smudge proof, but beautiful! – I absolutely love the formula of this liner: very thin, yet SUPER pigmented. I have sparse lashes, so I really need thin formulas to fill in the gaps of my lash line and this does just that.

  16. Nicole

    Love it! – This is my go-to eyeliner for any occasion. The precise tip creates clean lines and sharp wings. It is easy to apply, and looks great on.

  17. Faye

    Eyeliner – I am having a hard time with the is very unforgiving. It smears & very hard to get off.

  18. Shauna R

    Seriously the best ever – This product is one of my favorite eyeliners I have ever used. I have blonde eye lashes and fair skin, and it does not look harsh on my eyes.

  19. Betsi

    Superior – I I love this eyeliner. It goes on smooth and stays on.

  20. Alanna D

    Don’t love it – I could have gotten a faulty product but it’s kind of dry. Color is not dark and has difficulty going over any type of shadow.

  21. Chrisy22410

    Jet black – I love this eyeliner!! So easy to apply and the color is a solid jet black. My only feedback would be it’s small wand! It stays on all day and applying it is fairly easy.

  22. Irxtine

    Best Eyeliner – I love this eyeliner. The tip is kinda stiff so it gives you enough control to create your eyeliner preference to your liking, but doesn’t hurt your delicate skin, the colors are beautiful.

  23. Maud E

    It was dry within a week or so – In the beginnen in liked this product, but after a week it was dry already. The application wasent going smooth, so i stopt using it.

  24. lishh

    WOW made me realize how bad my other eyeliner was – I am pretty low key with eye liner and this pen is great because it is very easy to draw a super fine line even for the less motor skilled amongst us (me).

  25. Lin R

    Definitely recommend – very precise applicator. Downside: doesn’t start drawing right away each time.

  26. Diane G

    Great! – Haven’t been able to apply liquid eyeliner for awhile and I always loved how it went on. Thought I would give this one a try.I am so happy I did. It goes on smoothly and easily.

  27. Rachel

    SO liquidy + runny – I bought this reading all of the other reviews. It seems really mixed – for some people it seems like it works, which I was hoping for, however, unfortunately, I’m siding with the ones who.

  28. Katie P

    Smears for years – I bought this recently to replace another natural liquid eyeliner I’d used up. The saturation and applicator tip is nice. But the smearing! It’s a liquid eyeliner that NEVER DRIES.

  29. mwall

    Good quality but for overpriced for what it is. Easy to apply. Received an incentive for this review Yes ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  30. A123

    Great start – I bought this a few weeks ago and have worn it about 4 times. I think the quality of the eyeliner is good, but the wand and the tip are a bit hard to handle.

  31. louisa

    Disagree! – I bought this eyeliner despite the negative reviews saying that the brush wasn’t thin enough and it had “absolutely no staying power” BUT I couldn’t disagree more. I tested it yesterday and.

  32. NicC

    I really wish this was a good product 🙁 – I was really hoping to love this product!! I’m really disappointed in everything about this product except that it’s green. The formula is thick and does not glide well, it sticks to the.

  33. Alejandra V

    Highly Recommend!! – The best eyeliner I’ve tried, I’m in love with it as the application goes on nice and smooth, it’s so precise and lasts me throughout the day.

  34. chlo_dawg

    Good product, but not my favorite – I really wanted to love this eyeliner, but to be honest it was difficult to apply, and the applicator was a little too big to get a good wing. It has good staying power, but when you mess up.

  35. Beccazoo92

    Used Almay for 8 years, not regretting switching! – I have used Almay liquid eyeliner for 8 years and wanted to find a more natural solution this year. I was not disappointed with my switch. Does not smudge, easy to apply.

  36. BRITEN B

    Great product – best mascara i have ever had. i dont have the running that i normally do.

  37. Jhenirose S

    Absolute Fave – I am a very basic makeup person where I only use eyeliner, mascara, and powder for my routine. For someone who can barely accomplish a winged liner, this is easy for me to use.

  38. Kirstan

    Love the color! – Love the colors this liquid liner comes in. It drys fast and stays put all day.

  39. syeda

    Good purchase – Easy to apply, Long wearing, Highly pigmented, precise. Sleek design.

  40. Liv C

    Pretty good – Pretty good, not the best I’ve tried tho. I was expecting a lot because I love the lights, camera, lashes mascara.

  41. L C

    Swipe and Flick – I got the maneater eyeliner as a ‘trial/mini’ size and it worked well so i decided to get the full size. The tip is like a brush/bristles but still gave me the sharp lines i was looking for.

  42. RisRN

    Happy to have a natural liquid liner, but… – While I’m happy that W3ll people released a liquid liner, since I LOVE the mascara, I’m a little underwhelmed with the liquid liner. I find the felt tip is too firm to make a smooth line &.

  43. Alex3

    Great formula – Love this formula; definitely compares to a high end eyeliner I formerly used. However, the actual applicator is terrible. It’s way too big for a delicate or winged look.

  44. Umnia K

    Not good – I really wanted to like this eyeliner. I generally love all things Tarte but don’t have great things to say about this one.

  45. Caroline B

    all time favorite eyeliner – This eyeliner is hands down my favorite! it just goes on so well and is easier to apply than other liquid liners has the right tip for precision and ease 🙂 my eyeliner lasted me a full year.

  46. Katie F

    Fav – Easy to apply, doesn’t smear or smudge.


    I love Grandiose Linder – I never could wear liquid liner. Never looked right. Then I tried this one a little over 3 years ago. I was 55 years old and just about to have shoulder surgery.

  48. Marleione

    Perfect! – It’s perfect, it’s easy to apply, longlasting, pigmented and very comfortable. I would purchase it again.

  49. SherryBerry

    The New Eyeliner – Goes on smoothly & easier to apply than regular mascara.

  50. Paul K

    Shame about the leaks! – Lovely thick black ink. Easy to apply however Ive had 2 of these and both leaked so can get messy and wastes the eyeliner. I wont buy again only for this reason.

  51. Alison G

    Love it! – The felt tip makes it very easy to get the line you want on the first try. Great lasting wear.

  52. eviolet123

    Very accurate and not messy – This eyeliner is easy to use and looks great! I’ve used other liquid eyeliners in the past and none of them are as good as this. It’s easy to wipe off excess into the top part of the bottle.

  53. LissyD

    Great Felt Tip – Easy to use tip that I feel like I have great control over. Easy to do a winged eye with. Tip doesn’t wipe off existing product if you go over it again.

  54. Julia E

    Repeat Buy – I will never buy another eyeliner! I have been using this for over two years and will always continue to buy it! The application is flawless and it stays all day!.

  55. Pamela

    Very Disappointed – I have been wearing liquid liner since I was a teenager. From Revlon to higher end products found at Sephora and department stores, I’ve tried them all.

  56. Sorayya

    One of the best – I’m using this for 2 years and it works great, love it.

  57. Katrina

    Giving it a good chance – I’ve not had a pen type liquid eyeliner before, and it does go on really easily. However the tip does seem to dry out quite quickly when applying so I find I have to use the side.

  58. Sally

    Recommended with reservations – I love the deep black color and the application tip. I’m just getting back into liquid after years of using a pencil. I found this one difficult to apply because it stays wet for a long time.

  59. Jennifer C

    Love it!.

  60. Aimee I

    No under eye transfer – This is the only liquid I’ve found that does not smear on me. I’ve tried everything from Maybeline to Stilla, and I always get under eye transfer no matter how well I prime or set.

  61. Michelle

    Big disappointment – This product does not last long at all. This was the first Lancome eyeliner I purchased and I will never get another one. Cheaper brands worked better.

  62. sue

    Wonderful eyeliner – This eyeliner is very easy to use and stays on all day. I absolutely love it!.

  63. Michelle K

    Easy to apply and long lasting.

  64. Andrea O

    Easy application – I love how smooth and even it goes on. So easy to use. Only thing is even with a primer it transfers to my upper lid. It doesn’t stay put.

  65. cxxmason,

    STAYED ON DURING BREAKUP – I wear this eyeliner CONSTANTLY. It has lasted six months. Today, my ex broke up with me and broke my heart. I cried for three hours and this wonderful eyeliner was a magnificent soldier.

  66. Christine G

    okay, but definitely not perfect – the liner is precise, but it is not the darkest black and also, it fades away with natural sweat/oil.

  67. Dot dot

    Great product..I love it – I plan to buy some for gifts.and I recommend to young and old.

  68. RAABeauty

    I seriously can’t live without this liner – As a Body Shop employee, I’ve tried my fair share of our products and I have tons of favorites but this liquid liner is my absolute favorite product we make. I put on the liner in the morning.

  69. Rachel T

    Great but doesn’t last – Good color and easy application but mine dried out and emptied super fast. I wish it lasted longer for the price.

  70. jayceees,

    Liquid lovelys – As a licensed esthetician I’m always trying new make up and i love the quality of the products for a sensible price!!! I’m obsessed with nyx liquid eye liner in white. The vibrancy of their.

  71. Kristin D

    The Best! – I was intimidated by liquid eyeliners, but tried this once and will never go back. It’s smooth and easy to apply, highly pigmented, and really long lasting.

  72. Alexandra M

    Best eyeliner ever – This eyeliner is very pigmented, has a matte finish and can be applied with great precision, which I adore. It is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used and I’ve been wearing a winged eyeliner.

  73. Aboom

    Love! – I have problems with natural eyeliners smudging and others with chemicals irritating my eyes! This one is the best of both worlds! Love it! Stays in place and no irritation!.

  74. Melody B.

    Perfect Liner – I LOVE this liner. It goes on smooth and makes a perfect line that comes to a perfect slant at the edges.

  75. anisa000

    Me encanta – Tiene un aplacador fino que te da presicion, facilita la aplicación por ser tipo plumón y la formula es excelente, lo amo a demás el empaque es hermoso.

  76. Paige

    Bold Lines – I love this liquid liner for so many reasons. It has intense color, a strong line (I love the firm applicator–makes a smooth line) and doesn’t burn my eyes. Some have mentioned transferring.

  77. karley f

    favorite eye liner.

  78. Mackenzie

    Tricky at first, but then I loved it! – I generally use liquid liner all the time, however using this product was different. The brush wasn’t as flexible as other pens are, and I like that about it.

  79. Kashish Z

    I absolutely love this liner smudge proof – I absolutely love this liner. It quick and fast and persist. It works very well over the eyeshadow without messing it up.i had to buy ore in sale as I will be using them every day.

  80. Karen F

    Love – This liner is very defining and precise and does not run at all. I highly recommend this.

  81. Arielle

    Looks great some trouble applying – This liner has a great color! A small amount gives a great look. It has also stayed put for me on my days/nights out. My only complaint is that I find it a bit hard to apply.

  82. Iris S

    Long-lasting! – Love how it’s very easy to apply! Stays on throughout the day!.

  83. MKMills07

    Is there any other liquid liner??!! This stuff is amazing! – I am so glad that you guys gave this as a free sample! I have been hooked ever since! The line is so precise and with such even distribution, any luck I want to achieve is practically effortless!.

  84. Sam T

    I really like this eyeliner. It’s easy to apply and stays put.

  85. KatieB

    Good eyeliner – This is a solid liquid eyeliner product. My only struggle is the applicator; for someone who isn’t an eyeliner pro, I have a hard time getting a precise, even line.

  86. Deecee33

    Absolute Fave – Best lining pen overall! Great smooth coverage, easily applies even when already wearing other eye products on kids like Shadow and mascara. No smudging it feathering and love the dark shades.

  87. Buyer

    Long lasting – Used it one day from 8 am to 8 pm not a smudge, I never touch my eyes though, very good eyeliner.

  88. Peggy R

    My favorite liner !! – I received one small size of this liner as a free mini for an order ans i totaly fall in love with it, i baught the normal size, it s a deep black, very easy to apply, ultra precise, and it.

  89. Mekylah

    I definitely recommend this eyeliner – I love it . One of my new favorite eyeliners ever.

  90. Val12345

    NOT good – I have mixed feelings for this eyeliner. It dried up in less than two weeks for me, but for my sister it worked well for more than two months.

  91. Joanie N S

    the applicator is a bad design! – It may be a great product but the applicator tip is not pointy enough, and collects too much of the liquid eyeliner so it is impossible to apply with out getting the liner all over your eye.

  92. Nona_147

    the best eye linear ever – i like it so much so easy to apply and highly pigmented.

  93. Sugar V

    One of the best eyeliners you can get and Ive tried them all! – This is seriously one of the most densely pigmented, longest wearing, no transfer, liquid dream, holy grail eyeliner. It is in constant rotation in my beauty arsenal.

  94. callmeNACHO

    The BEST eyeliner in the world! – The BEST eyeliner in the world! Lancome is the best for eyeliner and mascara ❤❤❤.

  95. Tracy G

    I love the man-eater eyeliner but there is only one problem I have with it. It starts to leak and then smudges very easily.

  96. Jules

    Favorite liquid liner! – My favorite. I am terrible at using liquid liner but this is the easiest one I’ve ever used. It actually looks like I know what I’m doing. Highly pigmented.

  97. Lore92

    This eyeliner has been my go to since he first time I tried it. Goes on smooth and it’s easy to work with.

  98. Chloe S

    Mediocre eyeliner but great because it is natural – I like this eyeliner but it smudges a ton! I did a cool cat eye and at some point during the day I smudged the corner point all over my face I was so embarrassed! This eyeliner should be.

  99. KarenSissy

    Fabulous eyeliner!! – I have used the art-liner for years! It never disappoints!.

  100. Alyssa S

    So smudgy – This eyeliner goes on nicely but smears and smudges like no other eyeliner I have ever tried. I looked like a raccoon after half an hour of wearing this eyeliner.

  101. Regi

    Love it! – Love the fact that’s EWG certified and it stays put for several hours besides being very pigmented. I do recommend this product!!.

  102. Grace R

    Best Liquid Eyeliner on the market! – I have tried many of the popular liquid eyeliners on the market, even within Tarte. This one continues to win against the so fine, sex kitten & man eater liners in ease of use as well as no.

  103. LaElJe

    Words cannot explain how blown away I am. – OH MY GOD I haven’t even worn this yet and I’m already confident that I can review it. After I got the package in the mail, I was ready to brag about it to anyone who would listen.

  104. Karebear

    Bring it back!!! – Bring it back in store! I haven’t been using it for like 5 months now I miss it. It is the best eyeliner doesn’t compare to anyone else eye liner!!.

  105. MLacroix,

    Best liquid liner! – I have purchased this item twice so far and honestly would be lost without it. Great eye makeup is key enhancement! This matte liner is great for creating cat eyes and wings as well as applying.

  106. Jennifer P

    Amazing ! – Love it! It last all day and it doesn’t smudge giving me raccoon eyes.

  107. Tawl

    Loved babydoll bring back the brush and formula.please bring it back Received an incentive for this review No ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  108. Misty R

    Semi-Easy Application. Liner doesn’t always apply on first attempt. Lid doesn’t properly secure. – Semi-easy to apply. With the felt tip this provided application is not always a breeze.

  109. Ali G.

    Easy to apply – lasts into evening – Easy to apply and long lasting. Lasts all day and into the evening even on my oily eyelids. I have tried similar products from other brands and this is the best by far.

  110. jfraebel

    Absolutely love! – I am a HUGE liquid eyeliner person and I have been searching for a high quality product for a while now. I love this eyeliner cause you can easily get a nice thin line or do wings.

  111. RlyVegan

    Glides on so smooth – The eyeliner goes on soooo easy. The formula isn’t dry at all so application is quick.

  112. allison g

    My go-to liquid liner! – A brush tip is a MUST for my personal liners. The formula for maneater is also a huge plus, it dries down nicely but not so quickly that you can’t work with it.

  113. Melissamba

    Wings up! – I was seriously skeptical about the wand on this product but really wanted to try this when it first came out, and I’m SO GLAD I did! Perfect wings on my first go! I know that’s like a mythical.

  114. Lizz

    Love This Eyeliner!!! – I bought this a couple of weeks ago cause I am switching over to natural ingredients cosmetics (going green) and it’s been tough finding a liquid liner that has great consistency and is pigmented.

  115. Bella

    So I’ve been a huge fan of this eyeliner for a few years now. It’s ah-maxing. However, with the last two I gave bought, they leak like no other.

  116. Emma D

    Best Tip – I love this eyeliner. The fabric tip stays super crisp and precise. Liner won’t smear or smudge.

  117. Krystal

    Cute packaging, great pigment, smudges – I’ve been using the 100% Pure liquid liner for some years but never liked how it tended to flake and that the brush was a little unwieldy. I have to say that the teeny tiny tube is adorable.

  118. Sincerelybeanz,

    I love this! – This was my first matte liner and I am in love with it. It’s so easy to maneuver across my lid, as a beginner, and I will be purchasing more!.

  119. mommyof5

    LOVE IT! Doesn’t smear, lasts all day! – I love the sponge tip because it makes it easy to control and apply. Lasts all day, love it. Can’t say enough good things about it. Will definitely be buying again.

  120. Pinkx

    Love love love – I’ve been using this liner for quite some time now. The tip is the perfect size for application with it being sturdy enough to give you a precise line. I use this to do winged liner everyday.

  121. Amelia G

    Very smooth – I bought this during a $10 sale what a deal! I gave it to my daughter along with the Maneater mascara as part of an 18th birthday gift and she loves it!.

  122. Harokusan

    Best eyeliner! – I’ve tried so many eyeliners, but this is the best. It stays on all day and is so easy to put on.

  123. Gabby

    Yay liquid liner – Easy to use felt tip pen eyeliner. Tip dries out more quickly when using over eye shadow but not a deal breaker for me.

  124. Tiffani

    Glides on smooth in a deep black color. No need for additional layering of the product. Love it Received an incentive for this review No ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  125. Greta P

    The best – Best eyeliner ever.

  126. maraiza777

    Just a try out – I’m not sure if this will work but it’s expensive so I’m guessing it should be good, wish me luck on this!.

  127. Cristy B

    Makes a great wing! – The precision of the tip makes it easy to create a great wing which has been challenging with other brands. It’s super black which I love.

  128. deeness

    Really good applicator – I love that the tip of this eyeliner is hard like a marker. It really makes it easy to draw an even wing.

  129. GavsFleurs

    All time Favorite – Of all the eyeliners I’ve used this one is def one of my favorite. I love how easy it is to apply it and the pencil helps a lot to get the desired eyecat line.

  130. Amber

    Amazing! – I’ve tried a lot of eyeliner and have never found one that made the process easy. Too thick, too thin, not pigmented enough.

  131. amy1

    Amazing! – Glides on smooth, really dense beautiful color, lasts all day, great control!.

  132. Jennica K

    great product but Not very precise – The formula and quality of the eyeliner are actually really good. they stay on a long time and have crazy pigmentation.

  133. lwharris

    I’d give it 5 stars if it were waterproof – Otherwise, I love it. It applies easily & goes on dark. I wish it came in blue, green, & violet.

  134. Shelbi

    FINALLY a clean liquid eye liner – I only wear liquid eye liner and was beyond excited when this one arrived. Finally a toxin-free liquid liner. First, thank you for using the best applicator ever.


    Good product – Beautiful deep black colour. Easy to apply. It is also easy to remove with makeup remover and does not stain. It was sent to UK so the delivery took more or less 3 weeks.

  136. Karo

    Disappointed – Wore to work. Under my eyes when I got home, so embarrassed!! Nobody told me!!! I live in FL but barely outside on this day!!!! Haven’t tried it since!!!.

  137. Susi

    Love the ease of application. – I have used this product for about 4 years, at least. I really love the applicator but also the product inside. I have a little problem applying eyeliner to my left eye.

  138. Jackie T

    Love my cat eye. – The tip is very thin to make those fine lines on the eye. Love the way it holds.

  139. Stacy K

    Yes and No – The overall look is fabulous and long lasting. The liner tends to be very wet and can run throughout the day.

  140. MN lady

    Most precise liner – This is my favorite eye liner. It always goes on how I want it with a precise tight line; not too thick.

  141. Tamara R

    YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – This is the best bloody eyeliner you will ever buy in your entire life. Not only does this make me feel like I can topple world leaders, and have men quiver in fear before me, but its easily.

  142. kczerns7

    Great product, Poor packaging – I’ve bought this product twice now because I love the eyeliner itself, but the cap on this product is not secure. In both cases of buying this product the cap was knocked off during travel.

  143. Mindy

    Very disappointing…. – I’ve been looking for a clean liquid eyeliner for quite some time so I was really excited to receive this however after a few minutes my eyes started itching and burning. I continued wearing.

  144. J A

    My favorite liner Super black and lasts all day.

  145. Nancy

    Love it! – My favorite eyeliner! It’s so easy to use, goes on smoothly and its super pigmented. I work 12 hr shifts and it stays on all day.

  146. Samantha08

    Works perfect – This liquid eyeliner is the best! Not all those bad chemicals other makeup has and works just as good!.

  147. Alejandra V

    Stay on power – Eyeliner did not smudge and stayed on all day.

  148. Sweet eyes

    Excellent product – Excellent and good product wear for long time and no afect my vision.

  149. Adriana G

    Perfect – I got a tester of these eyeliners at checkout and omg this eyeliner! It is just perfect, easy to hold, easy to apply. The fine point at the end makes that wing perfect! Must have eyeliner forsure,.

  150. CM8989

    Messy to apply – I LOVE liquid liner and apply it most days, so I was excited to find W3ll People’s since I’m a huge fan of the mascara. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to draw a clean line with the applicator.

  151. Brea E

    Good not great – Decent wear but I prefer a shorter and/or sharper tip/line.

  152. Taylor S

    Better than Kat Von D Tattoo Liner? – I have been an avid user of Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner with a brush tip for years, but recently haven’t been wowed by the formula and price hikes. Gave this eyeliner a try and I’m thoroughly.

  153. Meredith C

    Favorite eyeliner – This is by far my favorite eyeliner. I’ve been using it for probably five, six years and no other eyeliner beats it in my opinion.

  154. rkrozum

    No allergic reactions! – I have been looking for a reasonably priced eyeliner that is Leaping Bunny (cruelty free) certified, and this is it. I was using Urban Decay perversion eyeliner, but it’s a bit harsh on the.

  155. Sylwia S

    Good one – It is really good eyeliner, but will not last in my inter corner. This is only minus for me.

  156. Rachel M

    Went in smoothly. Was able to apply in the car.

  157. salma a

    Good eyeliner – It is very easy to apply and its highly pigmented.

  158. Leilamonster

    Great product! – This liner gave me a beautiful opaque line that lasted all day. The only issue I see with it is the applicator- I found it very hard.

  159. Erika

    Highly pigmented, long lasting and easy to apply!.

  160. Julia D

    Love! – I’ve been looking for a liquid liner for a while and was glad to find this but I wasn’t convince after reading the review. So I took a chance and purchase it anyway.

  161. Tarte_lover

    I found the felt tip to be a bit difficult to use. Maybe for others who like a thicker line it would be good but it doesn’t really work for me.

  162. vanessa j

    Esta muy bien – Me cuesta un poco rellenar la línea del ojo pero tiene un buen pigmento negro y me aguanta todo el día en su sitio.

  163. MichelleLB

    I liked it – I liked this eyeliner. It goes on really wet and you need to be careful not to smudge it until it dries but it looks great and is easy to apply (for a liquid eyeliner).

  164. Lynn E

    Would buy again! – Love this eyeliner because it is easy to apply, stays on and isn’t impossible to take off at night either. You can put it on super thin or thicker.

  165. Roya hussaini

    I always get my eyeliner from tarte it is the only eyeliner that long lasting others get dry in a week.

  166. Christy M

    No reapplications – I work long hours throughout the day, and I do not have time to reapply eyeliner. I first tried this eyeliner before my 10 hour shift at the vet’s office and when I came home there were no.

  167. Dobe Mom

    Go to liquid eyeliner – Love, love, love this eyeliner. I literally have a stash so that I never run out. It is super creamy and easy to apply. Rich in black color.

  168. Talha G

    Like it – it is pretty nice and black, long lasting liquid liner.

  169. Shell

    Pretty Awesome Eyeliner – This is an awesome eyeliner! It glides on beautifully and it’s long-lasting. The tip is fine so it allows you build up your flick perfectly.

  170. Meher S

    The Best Liner – This has been the mest liner so far. Very precise and long lasting.

  171. dimples6477

    Ugh…not as advertised! – I saw this on Goop and was so excited that finally there was an eyeliner that was truly non-toxic and as advertised on the box had staying power. Not trueit smudged immediately and the tip.

  172. Oliversmom

    very nice eyeliner, just wish it lasted a litte longer – this is my go to for a night out (a few hours) but if i need something that will stay put all day, ill use something else. Easy to apply and is super clean.

  173. MissMcG

    The best – This is my absolute favorite liner, it’s completely replaced the Kay von d tattoo liner for me.

  174. shelby S

    Great basic liquid liner – The felt tip makes it easy to apply however, I wish the liquid was thicker because it’s sometimes messy. I would recommend this product.

  175. Erin W

    My first liquid liner! – I’ve always been scared of liquid liner but I finally decided to give it a try with the maneater eyeliner, and I’m in LOVE!! It’s so easy to apply and stays on ALL DAY LONG.

  176. Kellie R

    Easy application! Great pigment.

  177. sknowlesy

    Good while it lasted – Dried out after 1 month of using it sadly. Not sure I want to shell out the ££ for Tarte products again if they don’t last.

  178. RAYE V

    Love this it stays perfectly.

  179. full_of_witt

    Easy to use and it stays!! It is waterproof so you’ll need to pull out micellar water or makeup remover.

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