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  • Have two dusty rose liquid lip Anastasia Beverly Hill! Don’t need both . Love this color .

98 reviews for Liquid Lipstick Anastasia Perfect Condition . – Anastasia Beverly Hills

  1. candy

    The color is exactly what I have been looking for. I hope you come up with matching lip liners.

  2. Carmen

    I love this product. The shade went perfect with my skin tone since I am a medium shade. Love the matte. Lasts longer than anything else I tried.

  3. holy123456

    amazing!!!! – I bought this for myself and I’m very happy that I did. it is amazing.

  4. ElSol

    I used it in Fortune colour. I liked it. It has a creamy texture, dry quickly and stay on my lips all day.

  5. emma s

    Love, but the lid always breaks – Love the shade, but I have always had bad luck with the lid cracking.

  6. Michelle17

    I love the color and it does stay for a long time on my lips! # This product is: Matte ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  7. Sugarbug

    Love the color Bow + Arrow. My first time trying the liquid lipstick and surprisingly impressed.

  8. Elissa

    Love it! – Totally transfer proof for the first couple of hours! If you eat wet or oily things it might start breaking down though. Goes on smooth and silky, and feels really lightweight.

  9. Lindsay H

    Dries quickly and stays put! I love the texture and the exposed shade is my favorite. It’s my go to nude.

  10. Clare M

    Long Lasting, Non Drying – Liquid lipsticks generally terrify me – I’ve got very dry lips that crack/bleed a lot, especially in the cold months. Since I’ve had a lot of success with Tarte this year, though, I decided.

  11. Samantha A

    My fav! – I love tarte matte lipstick- it’s always my go to!.

  12. haley s

    Love these lipsticks – They are great lipsticks. Super long-lasting.

  13. Haley

    I love this liquid lipstick I could not live without it # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  14. ErinSpiegs

    The formula comes off so easy, I like the color and I will still use it but I am disappointed. # This product is: Easy to apply ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  15. Emma Louise I

    Long lasting non dry out – Long lasting so easy to apply and doesn’t dry your lips either love this colour too, it’s a perfect match.

  16. Timi

    I have never been a huge lipstick wearing girl. Usually because I hate reapplying. Kat changed my mind completely.

  17. ViewtifulVa

    Best liquid lipsticks on the market! – I love these liquid lipsticks. They are sooooo comfortable and long lasting! Just received my order today and I tried on the one in Low Key and I love how natural it looks on my lips.

  18. Katiekatftw

    Flute-Proof!!! – This is my absolute favorite lipstick, maybe even my favorite makeup item overall. This lipstick dries lightweight and not sticky, has great coverage, and doesn’t move at all.

  19. Wanda

    Just simply amazing. The best make up I have ever had.

  20. Alex E

    LOVE – I absolutely love this lipstick. I have never been a lipstick person, but my friend recommended this, so I thought I’d give it a try.

  21. Aruba N

    Impressive formula that isn’t drying!! – This is my go to, favorite liquid lip formula. It’s creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips. Other ones make my lips look like prunes in less than an hour but not tarte lip paint.

  22. Unicorn1524

    i have echo and witches. i love them both, they are very pigmented and they last all day with very little touch ups # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Moisturizing, Comfortable ✔ Yes,.

  23. Amanda

    Don’t buy online – I purchased the shade low key and it is VERY nude. The swatches online made it appear to have more pink tones to it, but neither myself (cool toned) nor my roommate (warm toned) could pull.

  24. Star

    I really love this lipstick, I use it nearly daily and compared to the other lipstick “damned” I believe it is called, it is wayyyyy better. it lasts a very long time and I’ve once gone to.

  25. KfromCanada

    Blushing Rose is really just Brown – This shade is not at all like it looks online. Whatever colour you think your getting when you order Blushing Rose, just know that is it actually brown. Not a nice colour at all.

  26. Kira N

    Loveeee – I just love love this colour! Plus it stays on all day even after I’ve eating whole meals, which is exactly what I was looking for in a lipstick!.

  27. Fiza A

    My go-to lipstick – Long-lasting, very light to apply, tranfer proof smooth texture, beautiful shades, pigmented colors. Loved the product.

  28. Samm

    Maybe I got a terrible batch but this is the worst! I have no idea how people are rating this well it is such a waste of money. I got Vampira, waited months to finally find it in stock and.

  29. Demiana

    I love how it feels on my Lips – One of the best Lipsticks I have had.

  30. Ola W

    Pretty reds! – I’ve got hot cherry- beautiful, rich red that looks well on everyone. The formula is smudge proof and stays on your lips for a long time. It doesn’t dry your lips too much and it’s easy to apply.

  31. Fairooz S

    Very good lipsstick – love the way it feels. It is not to dry on the lips.

  32. Snort

    Awful – I usually love, love, love Tarte products, but this was a huge disappointment. I got the shade salty which is a pretty color, but that’s where it ends for me. This was chalky and streaky.

  33. Anonymous

    LOVE ITTTßòçßòçßòçßòç – I absolutely love this color on my skin tone. I saw a girl on Instagram where it and I was so worried that it wouldn’t look right on me but I am telling you every single person would look phenomena.

  34. Shawshank

    Not quite as “Life Proof” as claimed, almost, but not quite – it smudges badly onto my chin when eating an apple (I’ll just cut it up next time). But much longer lasting than any other lip.

  35. Elise G

    Love the quality of KVD lip stains versus other competitors. A bit on the pricey side but wears true to color against many others out there! Love it!! # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply,.

  36. Anonymous

    ABSOLUTE FAVE – LOVE this color! Definitely my favorite one!.

  37. Kristina U

    I love the shades and how easy it is to apply. A bit drying for me but that’s expected from a liquid lipstick.

  38. Preeti

    I love the dry matte lip paint. The OG color is ok. I would have preferred something with a little more pink tones in it.

  39. Manda

    Perfect! – Absolutely love this lip paint! Lasts a long time, fantastic colors and doesn’t dry my lips out!.

  40. Kcarino91

    This lipstick is amazing! Feel comfortable, not sticky or wet . # This product is: Matte, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this! Everlasting liquid lipstick Photo This action will open a.

  41. Caren R.

    Nice nude – Good formula, the color is too light for me. Will be trying it with a darker lip liner.

  42. ABo7

    I love this! It last all day and it’s a everyday color I will repurchase this for sure! # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  43. Supdike

    This is the first liquid lipstick I have ever purchased an absolutely loved. I love using it so much that I applied sometimes just for fun.

  44. Alysha M

    Amazing! – Goes on so easily and stays on like a dream. Couldn’t ask for a better lip paint.

  45. Anonymous

    LOVE – Love this color! one of my faves!.

  46. Stephanie524

    This is probably the best lipstick I’ve ever bought. It’s a great color and it dries flawlessly.

  47. Kitten1108

    Lightweight matte liquid lipstick – I bought the Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade “Mauvelous” and Praline around 1-2 months ago and the name Mauvelous describes it perfectly. It is just the right amount of pink and purple to.

  48. Anonymous

    Amaze Balls!!! – Been waiting for this to come back in stock here in Canada. Finally decided to go to the source love love love this colour.

  49. Kmn68

    Stings – This stings and makes my lips dry. The colors are beautiful, though.

  50. Karen C

    Disappointed – Color way too light. Nothing like what it appeared on the picture.

  51. LeahW

    (Lovesick) Amazed at how fast it shipped and arrived!! I am slightly disappointed that the lovesick color is darker than I thought it would be. Was trying to go for a more medium pink color.

  52. syeda

    good – I got the shade Got it. It’s really creamy and more hydrating than other matte lipsticks which is great for my dry lips.

  53. Ashyymacc

    Yes yes yesss —->>>> LOVE ITTTT!! 🙂 – LOVE ITTTT!! This is MOST DEFiNiTELY my favorite and first choice for Matte Lipsticks from now ON! It last all day (even threw lunch,snacks,&& supper!) If you dont have this in your collection.

  54. Rocio T

    Beautiful but a little too dry – I find this too drying for my taste but it does last a long time and doesn’t get patchy, the colour is beautiful.

  55. Lianettperezz

    Absolutely love it awesome it’s easy to apply and it stays on for a long time I love it # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Moisturizing, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  56. Teresa W

    Liquid matte is a great product – I first saw this color on my daughter’s lip and I had to have it. It is a pretty color and it does not transfer when you kiss someone, however, when you eat food some of the color comes off.

  57. Gabby Z

    MY FAV – This is my ride or die liquid lipstick. I love the colors, it lasts for a very long time and doesn’t smudge or smear when you eat or drink!!.

  58. Amanda D

    Amazing! – I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Its creamy, and dries down creasless, and lasts for hours on end without any transfer.

  59. Victoria J

    Great formula – Great formula. Doesn’t feel too try or sticky. Pigment is great. Love the brush. Illy favorite color so far is Exposed.

  60. JennyJ

    Decent liquid lip – I bought the color tea rose and it is GORGEOUS! I wish it didnt dry out my lips (but all liquid lips do) but I can put a balm over it to combat that. I am a lip biter and licker so although.

  61. marija d

    Bestie liquid lip – This one is quite a good matte liquid lip paint, it is exactly as it says – matte and quick to set, but it is really drying on me. I am not a huge fan of matte liquid lips, because of that.

  62. Adeelah

    Beautiful colour – I got the rose shade, it is beautiful. It does not stay all day, need to reapply.

  63. Sue R

    Awesome product! – I highly recommend this product. I have it in two shades. The product stays on for hours. It does not rub off easily while drinking and eating. I get compliments when I’m wearing it.

  64. Hoffer

    Love this colour! Been eyeing it up for awhile. Highly recommend.

  65. anisa000

    Divinos – Labial de alta pigmentacion, con una aplicacion es suficiente, textura ligera comoda y formula que no se siente super seca en los labios.

  66. Anonymous

  67. Eevee

    I truly love this product and so does my boyfriend! I can kiss him without fear of makeup coming off. The only downside is if there is a mistake it’s there until you make a decided effort to.

  68. Leeloo

    Amazing – Amazing lipgloss It stays on all day Its wonderful.

  69. Marina V

    I recommend this product – Lasts for hours. It is not dry at all.

  70. Vicky

    Absolutely love this shade of red! Starts coming off adter a few hours and i dint like that you cant reapply over it cause it makes your lips feel cakey but overall great! Very hard to take.

  71. emem51

    So good – Bought this on a whim because of Black Friday sale, cannot recommend it more. Matte finish but not too drying, the color is also gorgeous.

  72. nixojo

    I ordered this in Nosferatu. It was so much more purple than it appeared in the pictures. It’s okay, but it’s not great.

  73. Anonymous

    Finally found my nude!! – Ive tried finding a nude lipstick in the past and they all look waayy to light for my skin tone but this one is perfect! Has more of a shade of brown to it perfect for medium tones. Only reason.

  74. Zuilma S

    Beautiful – Beautiful color Love the feel of it.

  75. Anu K

    Waste of money – Honestly waste of money. It doesn’t last longer shade. Liked lip paint thought of buying after reading positive reviews. I don’t recommend to anyone.

  76. Lana G

    Love it – Love it. Great color. Stays all day.

  77. China

    I bought 4 lipsticks and the contour powder palette. !!!!! I’m in love with the lipsticks!!! The red one I got, just the one I was looking for!!!! Haven’t tried the pallet yet but I’m sure.

  78. Cassandra L

    I really like the feel of the lipstick and like the color, wish it was just a little darker but overall love it! # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  79. Anonymous

    Perfect Red – I absolutely LOVE this color! It is the perfect red. The color is so rich. It goes on so creamy then will dry perfectly after blotting.

  80. Courtney C

    Lip butter – A lot of liquid matte lipsticks dry out my lips but this formula is sooo light and smooth it feels like butter on the lips. Love it!.

  81. Rachel J

    Lush Colour – Loved the colour and application so much that I bought another 3! Came off a little after eating a full meal, but nothing an extra swipe won’t fix.

  82. chely

    Gonna be real, I got my mom Lolita 2 and I didn’t even think like omg what if it’s drying or it sits on fine lines but nah it looks great and she loves it. Ate menudo and some greasy tacos.

  83. Foreverlipstickfan

    Amazing lipstick!!! I have ever used. Love the color and it looks amazing when it dries # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  84. Rachel K

    Good – It is what is says- dry and matte. I find it too drying for my lips so I use a creamy chapstick first then apply this.

  85. Anonymous

    Loved but not a keeper. – I absolutely loved the formula on this lippie. It was super creamy didn’t feel drying and had a gorgeous finish.

  86. Shaylyn M

    this went on great, stayed on forever but really dries out my lips.

  87. Stephanie S

    Love it – I’m a huge fan of tartes matte lip paint. They really do dry quick and last a long time.

  88. Letizzie

    Barely budges unless you eat something oily! Got it in double date and I love it – like my own lip color but better. Great for an everyday darker look.

  89. Anu K

    Waste of money – Honestly waste of money. It doesn’t last longer shade. Liked lip paint thought of buying after reading positive reviews. I don’t recommend to anyone.

  90. Anonymous

    I love this product! – Very pretty, long lasting color. Well suited for a glamorous, evening look.

  91. Ana Maria M

    Lovely colors!!!! And it lasts!!!.

  92. Diana G

    I love these matters but I wasn’t fond of the color.

  93. Anonymous

    Love this Color!! – This color is perfect for my skin tone!! This is the second one am buying will continue buying it my daily use.

  94. ajimene

    requim is a perrty color but it dosent even last 1 hour and it smudeges all over!!! simple is not worth the money.how ever i cant complian for lolita 1 and 2 they are totally worth the money.

  95. Heather

    Love the product, wish you had lip liners in all these colors. # This product is: Matte, Easy to apply, Moisturizing, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

  96. mmichellee123

    Brilliant – Colour was vivid and stayed put all day! Highly recommend.

  97. MARLYN C

    Quick dry May lip paint stick – Perfect go to shade. Classy, beautiful, unique.

  98. Patricia9497

    Love the color its just amazing how it dosent feel dry at all. # This product is: Matte, Comfortable ✔ Yes, You should get this!.

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