Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette

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Our cosmetics collections won't be complete without these palettes and brushes, which we can't wait to use to create beauty looks from neutral to sultry. At these prices, we're treating ourselves even before the holidays hit but Santa can certainly drop a few other beauty surprises in our stockings this year!.

13 reviews for Natasha Denona Star Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Karla D.

    NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE LOVE SOME BUT DISLIKE OTHER COLORS 🙁 – Sooo. I was so excited when I received this package. I opened it and immediately swatched it. So this is the low down. The warm side of the palette to me is so much better then the cool side.

  2. Lisa M.

    Amazing – There’s nothing like it ,a must have ,i have all yhe latest pallets that i love but i would trade them all for this one lol.

  3. J L.

    Updated comment on Why Oh Why? – I decided to keep the palette, but that after some work learning how to work the shimmer and glitter shades and a few combinations of shades (looks) I was able to achieve. I recommend that.

  4. J.

    excellent – I really love this palette. The textures of the shadows are just so great, bendable. There is a depth in the colors when they get blended.

  5. Christina B.

    😩sadly it’s not as great as I hoped for.😩 – I love Natasha shadows . I was so stinking excited to get this. I’m sadly disappointed in the color payoff and the amount of major fallout. I think I might return this product.

  6. Vanda U.

    Obsessed! – I’ve had the two large 28 pan palettes since they released on Beautylish, and I am a huge fan. Yes, some people find the price to be a bit steep, but then again, Tom Ford shadows are $80 for.

  7. Temptalia

  8. ya_maha_81

    best – Different finishes, versatile colours, stunning quality mattes, beautiful packaging. One of the most popular pieces of this collection.

  9. Katt R.

    Not worth the price – I was going into this thinking that I’ll hate the mattes and love the shimmers because that’s how Denona’s palette usually end up for me. However this completely flipped the script – the mattes.

  10. Chicos M.

    Never Fails – I added the Star palette to my other two 28 palettes because having worn makeup for years and years and owning just about every well know palette ever made Natasha Denona shadows are simply.

  11. J L.

    Why oh why! Such mixed feelings about this palette – Finally it arrived and I couldn’t even wait to leave work before applying a few colors at the end of the workday. And then the disappointmentthe colors just aren’t as pigmented on the eyelid.

  12. Trisha W.

    I’ve had the benefit of playing with this palette since August and have to say it’s truly incredible! I’m already a huge fan of the Natasha Denona shadow formulas and have been using.

  13. Kia X.

    Makeup Junkie Must Have – Gorgeous colors and great pigmentation. The chroma crystal shadows work better wet so some work is involved in getting them to look amazing. Definitely no regrets.

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