M.way Baby Infant Newborn Portable Folding Travel Bed…

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10 reviews for M.way Baby Infant Newborn Portable Folding Travel Bed…

  1. ShellMM,

    Great way to keep baby safe and close – This was purchased for our 6 week old. We have had a hard time getting him to sleep in his bassinet next to our bed.

  2. Casperella,

    Not long enough – I usually don’t review purchases, but I thought this one needed to be. This is a great product and great idea. But only an idea.

  3. PrismKay,

    Perfect starter bed – My son is only two weeks old, but this little bed has been the best purchase so far! He is perfectly safe at night, as well as close to both my husband and I for late night needs. We bring.

  4. EricaMarie,

    Great concept but…. – I love the concept of this sleeper, but its not made to last very long. I bought this for my 2month old son whom I decided to co-sleep with.

  5. mse04,

    one of the most useful products we bought – I loved this thing! My daughter outgrew it at about 4 months but we definately got our use out of it before then. We would use it when she was in our bed, making it easy to tend to her during.

  6. EsraMize,

    Review – The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper – I liked this product at first. My child was delivered via emergency C-Section, so it was much easier to just roll over (or lean over) and tend to him than it was to get in and out of bed several.

  7. JonathansMommyLovesHim,

    Great to also use as a Travel Bed!! – I did not co sleep with my son at night. My husband would bring my son to our room and put him in this before he would leave for work so that I wouldn’t have to get up when he got hungry.

  8. Mommy2Liyah,

    LOVE IT! – I got this as a gift when I was pregnant and I’ve been using it ever since my baby and I got home from the hospital! I LOVE it ! It keeps my baby safe and gives me a piece of mind knowing she’s.

  9. Danyela,

    Best Product For Newborns!!! – I bought this because my newborn would not sleep more than 30 minutes at a time in her bassinet! With the close & secure sleeper my baby sleeps through the night at least 4-5 hours at a time.

  10. BossLady87401,

    Love this sweet infant Sleeper! – This is the best purchase for new baby! Extremely well made. This beautiful Infant Sleeper is perfect and you will not be disappointed!! So happy with this product for granddaughter!!.

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