Orange 10’x10′ Pop Up Tent With 4 Sidewalls – E Model

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This pop up tent is a classic steel-frame canopy. It can be quickly erected by two people without using any tools. It comes in a complete package with steel frame, canopy, side walls, ground pegs and storage bag. It’s great for functions such as outdoor parties, markets, promotions, motorsports, picnics, sporting events, and more.

Note: ITEM NEEDS TO BE ANCHORED TO GROUND TO HOLD AGAINST WIND. Secure your tent properly with storm straps and ground pegs. The tent is not recommended to be left up in the wind. NEVER to leave them up overnight, particularly with the roof and side panels on. Immediately remove accumulated rain water, snow or ice from the roof with a broom, mop or towels. If you fail to do so, the manufacturer is not responsible for damages caused by heavy loads of rain, snow or ice on the roof.

10 reviews for Orange 10’x10′ Pop Up Tent With 4 Sidewalls – E Model

  1. OregonCoastGal,

    Perfect for us Widows – Adjusting to a single person household has been difficult after 50 years. Trying to keep produce and juices fresh was just one issue.

  2. OrangeCrush,

    Very good generic – Works well, I feel like I recover from colds more quickly.

  3. binkyalb,

    Love this… – I love the portabilitybeing diabetic I like to keep something with real sugar in it with me when I’m out shopping or going to church or whatever in case my sugar drops. The taste is great.

  4. Fulano5321,

    I didn’t realize it was fizzy… – I got these to help me when I’m sick, but I was putting them in a water bottle and shaking it up. After going through one batch I looked at the packaging and realized if I let it dissolve rather.

  5. nerak823,

    Anti-colds – We love this product. We take this at first sign of a cold & it generally knocks it out or minimizes length of symptoms.

  6. Joovonne,

    A very tasty way to get Vitamin C and Potassium – I’ve enjoyed these 10 ounce bottles of Minute Maid orange juice for years. Due to medicine I take daily it is required that I drink a glass of orange juice to get Potassium and Vitamin C from.

  7. Cathy,

    Best Orange Juice – Love the taste of this orange juice. We live in an RV, so its perfect size for our small refrigerator. The cap is hard to twist off. Have to have my boyfriend do it for me.

  8. RADMAN,

    Same but cheaper – Airborne fan but not for 8 bucks when I can get the same for half.

  9. nauncy,

    This is Great Value – I love minute maid juices, but the orange juice is fantastic! There is no pulp in its pure OJ. The price is also wonderful.

  10. Andrea,

    Miraculous – This stuff is miraculous! I take these in place of the flu shot.

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