4” Foam Yoga Block

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Foam yoga blocks are used by amateur and professional yogis alike! Using a foam block will improve form, alignment, and flexibility. Our 4"" generic foam block is made from sturdy, scratch resistant material that is soft and fun to touch. This is the most common size yoga block and will suit the needs of most yogis. Need a little extra boost? Just flip your block length-wise! With 12 awesome color options, we are sure you can find a block to suit your unique style. Grab a Yoga Accessories foam block to supplement your home practice, or grab a whole boat load for your yoga studio! You'll find that a foam block can provide the stability and lengthening leverage you need to fully extend into your favorite postures. Just place a block under your hand for half moon pose and smile as your instability melts away!

  • Want to brand this block? Our 4 Inch Block is available with custom printing!
  • Looking for a smaller yoga block? Check out our 3" Yoga Block.
  • Looking for a bigger block? Try our 6" SUPERBLOCK.
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42 reviews for 4” Foam Yoga Block

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    I’ve been an avid DeWalt user for many years, but got the opportunity to try this new Craftsman suite of 20v tools. The feel and weight of each tool in the set is nice, it’s obvious these are.

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    Not the quality you’d expect from Filtrete. These were cheaply made with poor workmanship.

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    The comfiest sectional ever! – We found numerous sectionals but none of them had what we wanted until we met the Bardarson. The back and seat cushions are removable and have zippers on them. They are generously stuffed.

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  12. Marina T

    Soo comfortable!! – So far we are in love with our Bardarson sectional. We went in for a dark charcoal color sectional that was way cheaper but after sitting on this one the other one couldn’t compare.

  13. Lena

    I got the v20 4 cordless tool set bundle for my husband and the excitement that was on his face, tells me that he was already in love! The moment he opened up the box, he went right to trying.

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    I bought this 4 tool set along with a 2 pack of extra batteries and extra charger on 11/1/18. I charged all of the batteries that day. A few days later I needed to use the drill on a project.

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    Most comfortable sectional and best quality for the price! – I love this Bardarson sectional! Definitely worth the money. Flippable and re-stuffable cushions are a plus as well as it allows it to be moved around so that everything wears in evenly.

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  19. Julie T

    Money well spent! – I wasn’t planning on spending this kind of money (got the 4 piece with ottoman) however I have ZERO regrets! A great piece of furniture that I get lots of compliments on and is super comfy.

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  22. Jessica17

    The product I am reviewing is the Craftsman V20 4-tool combo kit. Inside this kit comes a 1/2 drill/driver, a 1/4 hex chuck impact driver, a reciprocating saw, and a LED task light.

  23. aidensgrandma

    My furnace uses a 16″x25″x1″ filter. They are hard to find in my zip code. I ordered these online and got them right away. They work very well, ordering was easy and the price was right.

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    This Craftsman Cordless Tool Set comes with a cordless drill/driver, a impact driver, a LED flashlight, reciprocating saw, two battery packs, a charger and a carrying bag. The drill driver.

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    The tools in this 4 tool kit work just as expected for a lower end kit. Great for a diy homeowner. I purchased this on 11/28. That weekend one of the batteries would not take a charge.

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    Only filter we use! – Does wonders for the alergies!.

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    This Craftsman Combo set is perfect for those on the go. I have been using it for a week on small jobs and cannot believe the performance this set puts out.

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  30. Haxter

    This computer is great for students if you do not mind no touch screen It is light and portable for 15 inch laptop Overall I would recommended it if you do not have issues with no touch screen.

  31. Heather Jordan

    Awesome blocks! – I’m somewhat new to yoga, only been practicing two years or so. I needed blocks to help me with many positions and stands, I purchased these and I have to say they’re exactly what I wanted!!.

  32. Anonymous

  33. Anonymous

  34. shayla,

    my daughters use these they are great but break in the screen easier than I’d like. great batteries and easy fir them to use.

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  36. Joe

    4 for the price of two ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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    I bought us a couple of days ago he hasn’t really good price it’s very nice and thin it’s got a nice design it’s not that heavy and it’s tough ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originall.

  38. grandmaof8

    These filters are far more efficient then their cheaper competition. They catch the dust and allergens and last longer. Making them worth the bigger price. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  39. Nikki

    I purchased this 4 tool combo set that comes with 2 batteries on 11/10/2018 and used it the same day without any issues. The following weekend we tried using it again until we noticed that.

  40. Anonymous

  41. wormeye

    Less dust and needs changing less often.

  42. Jesspalm

    I love this set. I love the fact that it came with the bag to keep it all together. It makes it easy to move them from location to location.

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