Marika | Women’s Raina Active Tank Top – | Harbor Blue | Medium | Spandex

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49 reviews for Marika | Women’s Raina Active Tank Top – | Harbor Blue | Medium | Spandex

  1. Bqueen,

    Quality Product – Renew Life Probiotics 25 Billion is a quality product. I feel it helps my gut to stay healthy. No side effects.

  2. jasmine0093,

    Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic, I have been taking these for the past two weeks and I most say I feel amazing. I take them first thing in the morning with a glass of water..

  3. nike1955,

    Equate pads – I received these pads thru the Walmart Spark review they came 20 pads in the package each individually wrapped for convenience. They have a cotton enhanced dri fit system that protects sensitive.

  4. Lildotty,

    Great vitamin – You’ll get all the necessary nutrients needed.

  5. jordan45,

    Equate – I was a bit skeptical about this item. I had a few of my One a Day 50 plus, but the price of them is to expensive for my budget.

  6. Stephanie Z,

    Great probiotic for women! – I’ve been taking these Renew Life probiotics for the past few weeks, and I’m a big fan. The formula is specifically tailored to women, which is what drew me to the product in the first place,.

  7. SatisfiedMW,

    Great for women of all ethnic groups – Am an Af/Am women 49y.o. almost 50 in a week. Anyway, last april, I removed a weave and saw that around the perimeter of my hairline the hair was so thin, it was virtually bald.

  8. Anonymous

    Best Female Underwear on Market – I have been using Assurance now for almost 3 years. Previous to coming across Assurance at Walmart, tried/used Walgreen’s brand, Depends, & Public brand, etc.

  9. babalee,

    Good for wheelchair people – They’re a big help to keeping outer clothing dry after sitting in a wheelchair for several hours. However, the only drawback is there should be a more absorbent pad in the middle for a flood.

  10. Bruinhylda,

    This product is the best on the market… – This product is the best on the market.It works well and does not leak.

  11. Desertroller,

    Best Pull-ups – These pull-ups offer best protection from “spills”. They are long, wide and very absorbent. I’m in a wheelchair all day and flat on my back all nite.

  12. MsFavi76,

    Best product ever! – I read all the reviews and decided to give it a shot.well I am really glad I did because my results are significantly positive.

  13. GrannyBunker,

    if you need them, go with this brand – I have tried many if not all brands and Equate are by far the best. My only problem with them is the unavailability in the local stores within 20 miles which is why I started purchasing on-line.

  14. Gabi,

    great drink! – i got the Nestle Boost Calorie Smart to get my daily nutrients in my body. This drink is so delicious, i drink it over ice ! I love the rich chocolate taste.

  15. Jackie27,

    Every day, great bowel movement! – After I started to take this probiotic every morning, my bowel movement is much more regular with complete evacuation. Because of that, I am happy the entire day.

  16. Rose,

    Great stuff. Same as brand name, just more economical.

  17. workingwoman2,

    Great price & underwear holds water! – My 99 year old mother has been wearing this brand for about 3 years. We originally use Depends (way too expensive). We tried CVS brand. They fit ok, but again, expensive.

  18. brinkj,

    Works good,also economical. – This is a package of Equate Options Pads for Bladder Protection. They contain Omni-Odor guard plus to prevent odors.

  19. geopapas,

  20. Magato3,

    Best of the best – Options is a very good name for this product as it is the best option I have found. On the package, it says compare with Poise Pads”. No comparison, these are better.

  21. kilgorechi,

    Excellent Choice – My husband and I both take these and we love themSome multivitamins are so huge you can’t swallow them but these are the right size and have all the nutrients that we, as seniors, need.

  22. gmainco,

    Soft, comfortable and gives security. – I love the security of this product when I leave home. Old lady bladder can keep you home but this product lets me get back out in the world in comfort without the worry.

  23. Maggi,

    I’ve taken these for years. They’re as least as good or better than the leading brand of vitamins.

  24. Carmen,

    Great product – After using it twice a day for three months I notice a lot of new regrowing hair in my forehead entrances. It was visible the lack of hair in that part that you get through the years, but now.

  25. Opal42,

    Daily Vitamin for women over 50 – Centrum silver gives me the energy I need to clean 3 big houses a week. I am 74 years old.

  26. Nessa1978,

    love this product! – I’ve used a couple of different brands of disposable undergarments and these are the only ones that have never given me a rash. that’s a huge deal for me.

  27. Denimaci,

    Great tasting drink perfect for us always on the g – I been Drinking this for a couple weeks now. Sometimes I drink it plain sometimes I put it in my blender and add other things as bananas etc.

  28. SageyGirl,

    Great Rich Flavor! – This is one of the best tasting nutritional drinks I have ever had! The flavor is chocolatey and rich with no powdery aftertaste at all, and it has so many nutrients I am striving to get everyday.

  29. Norah,

    So hard to find – I am so very glad I found this item at I went to 7 different stores that sell medical supplies, no one had the size I needed without special ordering them.

  30. UTfan,

    Very happy! – I’ve been having problems with feeling bloated and not always being regular. After reading about this product and also reading reviews, I decided to give this a try.

  31. CatWhisperer,

    Just as good as Brands claiming to be the best – By comparison, Assurance for Women works as well as any of the other brand name products. The thickness of the pad is equal to and in some cases offers better protection than its competitors.

  32. Chess,

    Vitamin n – Notice extra energy with these vitamins.

  33. valcin,

    Excellent Value! – I like taking these, specified for my age group, because it saves me the trouble of trying to determine which vitamins to take. I used to shy away from the bigger brands, because I thought.

  34. Francismary,

    Much needed item at an excellent price. – These I have found to be of good quality and better fit than other brands. Being able to have these delivered to the front door is very helpful as I do buy them in large quantities.

  35. ndholmes,

    Assurance – I have tried several different brands both off and named. These are the best underwear when you have to use this type that there is.

  36. AskDrKathy,

    Great Product, Good Value None Comparable – Excellent product. Fits comfortably, absorbs well and doesn’t appear like disposable under clothing. It is well priced and excellent value compared to similar products in other sizes.

  37. HappyGirl,

    Excellent product – As often as we have had to buy incontinence panties for a family member, we have learned that these are the absolute BEST in the market. The fit is great, the protection is great, and the value.

  38. RueC,

    Product quality is equal to other name brands. – The product was purchased for a relative. She loves this brand and recommends it. The product is great quality and at a lower cost then other brand names.

  39. blueyedjac,

    Great – I’ve been taking this for several years now. Works great.

  40. Amik,

    Why not at my local store? – This is the only adult incontinent product for plus or obese people including Depends brand and Walgreens. That must be the reason it can’t be bought at my local store??????? The store has.

  41. Maxi,

    Review – Pills break very easily in 2 so it’s easier to swallow.

  42. djwstb,

    Equate Options Pads, Moderate, 20 ct – These Equate Options Pads, Moderate, 20 count are wonderful, for every day wear. They are not extremely long, or bulky.

  43. Mamabear31641,

    Pleasantly delicious – I was really taking back by the taste, with biotin and zinc in it I expected it to taste awful but it tastes just like chocolate milk! I almost held my nose when I first tasted it but I decided.

  44. Tsmowse,

  45. Redrose3,

    Great Tasting Nutritional Drink! – Boost Calorie Smart is specifically designed for women. It gives me the nutritional value I need.

  46. angellk,

    great product – Lost a lot of my hair from being sick and medications (not cancer) and hair had already thinned due to aging. I was desperate and bought a wig.

  47. Anonymous

  48. Care,

  49. Sadiewooismynickname,

    This product really really works – I have used monoxodil for hair loss now for about 6 years. It works. i no longer have bald spots and have a healthy head of hair.

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